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Produced in Palestine

- Does buying a Kufiya made in a Palestinian factory support more than those manufactured in another country? NO! the opposite is true.

By buying a Palestinian Kufiya on the internet you also support the Israeli economy.

Only the owners of this factory can help you with that. Not a bad word about this hard-working family and their factory. Great respect for their craft. But in the end they are also exploited in the export process to the west. By buying this kufiya in Europe you help a small part or this family, but not an entire Palestinian people, you suppress them with it because most of your money goes to Israel. If you want one from Palestine. Then go there yourself. Buy it directly from the market in Palestine and put it in your suitcase. If you buy one made in Morocco, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic / Arab country. Can you still wear the Palestinian symbol of support and resistance? This without any kind of support for the government of Israel. The kufiya is Arabic. The kufiya is a symbol of the Palestinian struggle. But the product itself is not originally from Palestine. The word Kufiya originally comes from Kufah, Iraq. Through Yasser Arafat, the Kufiya became a national symbol of the Palestinians.

Purchases from Palestine impossible

When I started with I wanted my kufiyas to come from Palestine. Naive as I was, I also thought I would help the Palestinian people with that. At the time, I didn't know how it really worked. I contacted the factory in Palestine. But their contact went through another reseller in Germany. It claims to be the distributor of the hirbawi kufiya. Their site stated that they act as a web store but also as a wholesaler. So I asked for a quote so that I can buy from them. Never had a response. I have tried it 3 times. It seems that this so-called wholesaler wants to maintain a monopoly position over the Hirbawi kufya from Palestine. Because I am an internet seller. Am only a competitor of course. From the German company that probably also takes most of the profit. See it this way. Half goes to them. At least 30% of the other half goes to the Israeli tax. And with a bit of luck the Palestinian worker will have 20% of your expensive 20 euro kufiya. 4 euros? This allows the worker to continue to work. With 6 euros of your money, the Israeli army can oppress the people. So think for a moment ... before you fall for the idea of ​​"Made in palestine". Suddenly I didn't mind that I couldn't buy it anymore

Israel collects taxes on Palestinian imports on behalf of the PA and transfers the results on monthly basis. Israel forces all Palestinian imports (and its exports as far as allowed by Israel) to go via Israel. Within the West Bank, all goods are unilaterally routed by Israel via military checkpoints and crossings through the Israeli West Bank barrier.] Palestine highly depends on goods and services sold in Israel and intended for consumption in the Occupied Territories, on which Israel charges value added tax (VAT) and revenues from foreign imports on behalf of the PA. As a result, tax clearance is the largest source of Palestinian public income. Also income taxes as well as some insurance fees deducted from the wages of Palestinians employed in Israel and the Israeli settlements are collected by Israel. (source:WIKIPEDIA)